A D-Day :)

Nov. 6th, 2010 10:31 pm
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It seems that Wednesdays will be my D-Days. As in Düsseldorf-Days :)

As His Hubbiness™ has only three lessons to teach on Wednesday mornings, we will accompany him into the city where I make some much needed dog and the big city training (mainly walking on leashes again etc.) and then he will take the dogs to the River Rhine and I will have a whole afternoon in the big city for errands and stuff.

The house project is coming along nicely. The chest of drawers (a huge thing) is in the barn and the first coat of paint is drying atm. It has a new shiny coat of white with maroon accents. If the light is good enough tomorrow, I will install the new lamps and start on the ceiling (which is still bare and sports the glue of those idiotic ceiling panels) in the hall. But for now, the hall is finished (to the best of my abilities).

OMG! Found the almost perfect settee ... if that would come in dark blue or dark green velvet it would be perfect ... atm this is [livejournal.com profile] little_witch27 perfect :D

Three more pics of the hall .. the back hall is maroon coloured, the front all is white.

Marathoning Sungkyunkwan Scandal. All four main characters are adorable but I really love those little bickerings of Yeorim and Moon Jae shin. It is so funny to see those two dancing around each other and they so would make such a good OTP. And Yeorim has an uncanny similarity to G-Dragon of Big Bang ... the looks, the mannerisms ... WOAH! :)
I'm enjoying this dorama so much ... it is like the Joseon version of Hanakimi without the Japanese dorama's antics and a much more adorable Sano LOL
Even ppl who don't like wuxia (historical) check it out ... it is funny, sad, angsty and it shows a wonderful friendship of four very different characters :D Oh and it has cross-dressing to boot :)

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