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While the weather is far better than in September ... we actually had sunshine and nice temperatures over 20°C, apple harvesting drives me crazy .. we have far too many apples and much too little time. :s

And yesterday my external hdd did a vanishing act. The little LED light is still blue when I turn it on but otherwise it sits on my desk like a dead cat :s Tomorrow I will try to open it and put the HDD into my computer .. keep your fingers crossed that this will work ... on that particular HDD there are lots and lots (like ALL) HQ jpegs of the last FOUR years of our dogs as well as ALL my movies *whimpers*

Oh and I almost forgot ... for quite a week now, my dish washer is working ... I had to postpone using it as some thingamegig was missing from the plumbing and it could have caused flooding in my kitchen so I had to wait for two bloody weeks till IKEA send me a new plumbing system for my sink and dishwasher WITH the spare part in it. And now I have a dish washer ... YAY!!!! I love my mechaporn :D

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Yozora no mukou ni wa mou asu ga matteiru

ano toki kimi ga ushinatta mono wa
yozora no mukou no hoshi ni natta
nurashita hoho wa itsuka kawaite
kitto habatakeru kara


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