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... last night I ordered the English album of JYJ :) They are good, there is still room for improvement but boy, the talented three out of the five definitely delivered a solid album. I watched a making of of the new DBSK song on arirang last night and while it is good, it sounds like any other DBSK song ... with ALL five voices. I can't help it but somehow SM Entertainment is always sounding the same (same with JE, KAT-TUN still sounds like a six member band even though Akanishi is out).

So yeah, now waiting for my first JYJ album of hopefully many, many more :)

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Shin'cha! Hontoni! Otherwise I cannot explain how South Korea can come up with so many good-looking, handsome guys in their early to mid twenties (and beyond).
Specimen no. 1 Junchuu aka Mickey in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

© credits to the awesome folks @ soompi

When did he become so pretty????

Thanks to the rec of [ profile] dangermousie I watched Reign of Assassins with Michelle Yeoh and Gong Jung-woo. I really, really liked the movie. Usually I don't watch wuxia much even though I have had a long lasting love affair with King Hua movies from the 1970's (A Touch Of Zen). More recent wuxia was either too long (Tiger & Dragon - don't remind me I was soooo disappointed of that particular movie and would have loved to see more of the Yeoh/Chow pairing which was much more interesting IMHO) or too fantasy/horror.

Anyway, RoA was good, and it had some interesting twists and turns that kept the story going. I especially adore Michelle Yeoh, one of the few martial arts actresses that not only has a very good fighting technique and wire work, but is also an exceptional actress and a beauty to boot.

Okay, and it had Korean eye-candy LOL

And together they are adorable

As [ profile] dangermousie said, a Mr & Mrs Smith wuxia style, just with a better Brangelina pairing :)
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If you ever thought JE bands have the fanservice down pat then think again ... Korean DBSK are feeding their Cassiopeias with well placed fanserivce that looks so casual (Jaejoong & Yunho holding hands at a wedding for one of their managers - HELLO??)

more under the cut - might not be work safe in places )
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Lately it seems that slash is all around me ... while I was marathoning the first seven eps The City Hall yesterday, the two male protatognists were in a conversation about their uni days and then Guk Jo (love interest of Kim Sun-ah's character) asked this guy: "We didn't sleep with each other, did we?" He then broke into embarrassed laughter (going like: OH aren't I funny sort of guy) By which the other guy (minor character) replied in a serious tone: "Yes (we did)."

WOAH! That's better than watching JJH and Waffle Boy dancing around the issue in Antique Bakery.

And then I turned to the Banjun dramas of DBSK and I came across Yunho and JJ making out in front of a red phone booth ...

Okay, I submit. I herewith declare the superiority of slash in this world, and in my fandom(s).

What JE couldn't accomplish, the Koreans certainly did :P

And this is for [ profile] little_witch27 - the clips are from various DBSK Banjun dramas. I told you ... it's canon slash :)
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The shooting for their new video already took more than ten hours and Jaejoong was tired and that made him always feel slightly bitchy. During their breaks he had taken photographs of his band mates and made fun of their dangerous situation that the plot of the video was putting them in but when he saw the fake stone wall and the little perch high on it where he was supposed to stand, he felt his stomach knotting into jitters ... not that he was afraid of heights but the prospect of being tied to the wall ... that was too kinky a concept.
Contemplating the wall, he felt someone slinging his arm around him and when he looked up he saw the wicked gleam in Yunho's eyes.

"You know, right now the builders are putting in a fake wall in my bedroom ... with loopholes for your arms and legs," Yunho breathed into his ear. "So don't get too excited up there, flexing your muscles because tonight you'll be doing it for me ... and me alone."

With a shiver of anticipation, Jaejoong nodded and then looked up again to the wall. Perhaps being tied to a wall wasn't so bad after all.
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Sigh ... why can't someone make this for SMAP or Naito???

But then again, almost all DBSK vids are sooooo made for fake subs ... it seems as if they are planned and made to tell fans .. go ahead .. we offer this on a silver platter do your worst :D
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I knew I had the DBSK song Mirotic heard before ... Sarah Connor released it in an English version last year in August. Turns out the song was written and composed by a Danish songwriting team and they sold it to the East and the West at the same time. LOL
two vids )

Update on Cenour ... after he had to undergo surgery again on Friday, he is now on the path of recovery ... However he drives me up the walls ... he is the typically male patient I tell you.
Monsieur Prince doesn't want to sleep alone, he only takes a rest when I lie beside him and massage his legs and paws, he wants to be fed by hand ... he needs to be near me and follows me around which means everytime I get up he struggles onto his legs as well which is quite a feat. *sigh*

I need a hug & a good night's sleep in a comfy bed instead of camping on the livingroom floor :s
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me really don't need another fandom ...

Somehow I can't bend my mind around the fact that Tohoshinki are the same guys as DBSK/TVXQ.
Their style is so different ... while in Japan as Tohoshinki they come across as the typical boy band ...

exhibit no.1 (with SMAP)

... in Korea as DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki) they mutate into a visual kei boy/rock band :)

exhibit no. 2

.. and currently as TVXQ they release Mirotic ... boyband ... a very gay boyband with those sleek haircuts.

exhibit no. 3

I think I like the visual kei look best - Heeeee :) And it's with TRAX :)

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