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My kitchen is finished .. well sort of. I still need to clean it, move my kitchen buffett to a different wall and find a small square table and two chairs, BUT!!! Me haz work topz!!!
Beautiful teak stained work tops which need one final glossy finish and several open shelves for cooking books, bric-a-brac and bowls and stuff.
Once the final finish is applied and all is moved in I will take photos.

The next project is ... a tiny one ... a dog fence for our front door.
Atm we are using the yard door to do business with a sign on our front door to go to our yard door. But with the weather getting colder I really don't want to put on my winter coat and my shoes to go out across the yard, to the door, keeping the dogs back when getting mail. So I decided to make a dog fence for the front door which I can hook into the entrance. This way I can open the door, the dogs can look out but don't run into the street - the pavement in front of the house is really small and we live on the stretch of the road which is straight hence a lot of idiots using that piece of road as if it were the Shizuka Formula 1 course. So tomorrow I'll make that and then there will be more painting in my sewing room and more shelves to be put on the walls :)

Oh and the back hall is now dark maroon :) I love

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