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After watching eps 1-3 it’s nothing yet to write home about … I have a feeling that the director really wanted to make this drama ambitious and he can’t decide whether to make a social study about materialism in modern post-industrial S. Korea with all its social disadvantages or a full blown romantic comedy with a weird male lead out for revenge.
So far I’m rooting for Han Se Kyung and her Chan, because damn, they love each other so much and HSK is so mature and has so much strength. Jean Thierry Cha(t) (Cha Seung-Jo) on the other hand is a typical pampered chaebol kid who is immature and just off the rocker. I will give it two more eps but so far not even Park ‘even as a second lead I’ll get the leading lady’ Shi-Hoo can make me follow the whole drama yet.

Another pet peeve is that Han Se Kyung is supposed to be an aspiring designer ... but she doesn't design!! She is told that in order to be a designer she should dress like one (in this case, wear designer brands HA!) but if she is really serious about designing why not wearing her own designs? Surely fabric by the yard is not as expensive as a designer brand, is it?

Oh and according to the show ALL women are greedy bitches who define themselves only via designer brands! Women are materialistic while men just give them the money ... only in Korea where the annual credit card debts per head are higher than even in the US.

List of characters ...
Seo Yoon-Yoo - the nemesis of Han Se Kyung at school. An über-bitch who does anything to reach her goals.

Han Se Kyung - hard working, a bit naive which she sheds quite quickly. She loves So In Chan.

So In Chan - high school sweetheart of HSK, hard working, has to take of his mom who suffers from cancer, Debt ridden. He loves HSK and he lets her go, because he doesn't want her to take on his debts.

Cha Seun-Jo aka Jean Thierry Cha(t) - typical pampered chaebol kid with a mental condition, a shrewd (if disillusioned) business man who thinks that all women are greedy bitches. He thinks he has it all figured out, was an idealistic love-blinded idiot (with Seo Yoon-Yoo) and wants to take revenge (which is really petty and childish). Grow up, man!

Just started to watch ep3 and 7.5 minutes in I’m tempted to just quit that show. Cha Seung-Jo is a whack head and I just can’t take him seriously. I really don’t care how or why he has a mental condition – he is just over the top (even though I respect that PSH goes all out in that role, kudos to him). Han Se Kyung needs someone who loves her and respects her and sees her as equal, not a big cry baby she needs to babysit 24/7.

ETA #2
Halfway point of ep 3: I laugh out loud because it is so stupid. There are cute moments but overall … this is just … I’m speechless, I don’t know what it is. I feel like one of the legal team guys who covers his mouth and storms out of the mourning hall during Cha(t)’s daydreams… does he have to puke? Or tries not to laugh out loud?

ETA #3
Almost finished with ep3
So yeah the little wiggly dance was cute and funny but now I know why I can’t get into that drama. Cha Seung-Jo has a histrionic personality disorder with him imagining all those wonderful (to him) scenarios and that overly dramatic behaviour and having had a friend with said disorder I know how challenging and hurting it is to be even friends with such a person let alone having him/her as a significant other. I wouldn’t even wish such a person on Seo Yoon-Yoo who is a gold digger but still she got the hell out of dodge. Kudos to her!
As for So In Chan … you idiot! You are just as materialistic as the others … giving up HSK because you love her and then go away to Brazil and taking her money? Asshole! Good riddance to him!

Overall, I think this will be a drama I love to hate or hate to love … still not sure. It IS funny in places and the music (Jaws!, Edith Piaf etc.) is very well chosen to accentuate certain scenes and PSH is .. WOW, he does it yet again, and yet … still on the fence and leaning more towards dropping the drama rather than continue watching it.
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