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Okay, I have this 28 year old heroine who has never had sex, always wanted to wait for MR. RIGHT and then she gets drunk and has sex with her co-star (likewise drunk) and in the morning she cannot remember anything other than .. OH shit this was my first time and I can't remember shit about it.
She gets mad, she accuses him of taking advantage of her (in her mind, he is a guy and should hold his liquor better than her ... HA!) and generally they are both pissed of at each other and with themselves.

Now here comes my question: Is it feasible to have a relatively good looking but a bit on the chubby side (think Kim Sun AH in Lovely Kim Sam Soon here. so it's the Korean version of chubby not the Western!!) 28 Korean woman still being a virgin?
I know Korean society frowns upon skinship but let's face it, it happens, out of wedlock, before wedlock, one night, more nights, the lot. Other than making her a devout Christian (which is the number 2 religious affiliation in S.Korea after Buddhism) which I really hate doing if push comes to shove, how can I explain it without making her a stupid dweeb? Or maybe my Western upbringing gets in my way and in Asia it is still totally acceptable to wait till marriage/Mr/Mrs. Right.


Oh and it's 33312 words. YAY!!!!

ETA. and it is official ... we have dog fleas! *sigh*
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