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Gosh the last two days (including today) have been busy as I had this mad dash of inspiration and wanted to wrap up all the *you didn't finish them up in time so you can leave them till the new year* projects or at least get them off to a good start. But it was worth it :) The only thing I missed/forgot is to trim the tree LOL

But - all the walls in my sewing room are now white washed, the beams are a glistening dark brown and the dark awful looking doors to the built-in closet are now white and show off the wallpaper I put on two of the three doors to perfection. I was not too sure if my colour palette of grey, white and dusty pink would work, but it does. It looks fabulous and I'm so keen on putting up the rest of the shelves as well as the frames and my old Baroque mirror (which still needs fixing).

The whole house has been cleaned, dusted and cared for from top to bottom, even though I still need to wash the upstairs windows and I think I'm seeing the proverbial light at the end of a very deep, dark, and self-confessed tunnel. YAY!

Yesterday His Hubbiness ™ got a pre-birthday present (how very Sheldonesque) in form of a fleece sweater, then today, he got some camera gadgets and a board game. He also got a pre-Christmassy pressie today LOLbut I needed to move some stuff out of the way and instead of wrapping up some I gave it to him instead which he is now wearing with pride so everyone is happy. Just don't tell the Christkind or Santa LOL

I wish you all a Merry Christmas - eat, drink and be happy :)

4/5 of our idiot children :D

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