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- LOL, LOL, LOL Eun-chan is so cute when she is not only jealous but mad as hell.
- Oh no, wannabe boyfriend of Eun-sae you don't go around telling your friends Eun-chan is a girl!
- Han-kuyl you dear, oblivious male!
- LOL he goes to a psychiatrist (who is himself deeply in need of one too)
- Yoo Yu meeting up with another man ... Secondary OTP you are soooo gone.
- Ohhh, DK? is back in town? Poor Han-kyul and poor, poor Han-seong.
- Meeting with Han-seong again ... having fun. Hmmm, I'd think twice about who I am in love with. He is cute, a musician and has a cute dog.
- Kissu Kissu Kissu ... but the wrong OTP *sigh* Though I have to admit he is kinda cute, and has a cute dog.
- Oh-uh Yoo-Yu bad timing ... your guy kissed a girl pretending to be a boy who is in love with the guy who is in love with you and both of you think it is a boy ... ROTFLMAO
- *squee* Eun-chan is being made fun of by her friendly team member
- Oh-uh what IS Han-kyul taking? Pills? To restrain his libido? Prozac?
- Awwww ... Han-kyul wants to talk and Eun-chan runs to him.
- Awwww #2 UST
- Awwww #3 cutesyness

- Poor poor Han-kyul

This series is crack. Even with Kimura's doramas have I been this obsessed (watching things on youtube). Strange though that even though it is in Korean I seem to get a lot of jokes as well as references to events happened in the series. But I definitely watch the eps again with subs, this dorama is THIS good!
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ano toki kimi ga ushinatta mono wa
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nurashita hoho wa itsuka kawaite
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