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WOHOO ... got the newest of the In Death series on Saturday and finished it just now.
Okay, so I ranted about the last one of the In Death series and that I thought Nora (aka J.D. Robb) was loosing it and I have to admit I guess she took her fan's rants a bit to her heart and tried, mind you, to make this round a bit better. It is a step up .. but as she took about two steps back with her last one, this one is only slightly better.Cut for possible spoilers )
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I have finished J.D. Robb's latest Eve Dallas story Origin In Death and I have to say I didn't like it one bit.
So yes she upped the ante into the action/sci-fi parts of her series but hello - can anyone of her fans say honestly that they are reading the In Death series because of the sci-fi angle? I don't think so. It is all about Rogue and Eve. We know that Eve and her brilliant team will get the murderer at the end, we want to know how she is faring with her husband and how they burn up the sheets between each other. THAT is what In Death has been all about for more than 20 books now.

But I also noticed in her normal mystery and love stories that Nora Roberts has toned down her smut scenes like in her new In the garden trilogy and in Northern Lights even though the story telling left me breathless the smut scenes were mediocre ... sniffle ... what is the world coming to? I mean SHE is the queen of smut scenes. I always wanted to be her when I grow up.

Please please Nora, whoever told you that you will sell more books by toning down the sex was WRONG! You combined quality writing with the guilty pleasure of high quality smut, don't change that!

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