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50061 still one scene missing but I reached the word count with two days to spare :)

*makes little booty dance*

The second time since 2005 that I won :)
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Seriously, every time the father of Min-Young turns up, afterwards she drinks herself into a stupor. I'm writing the scene that leads up to the drunk sex smut scene with Jin-Woo and she urges him to drink with her to which he reluctantly agrees.
I even bought a bottle of Soju today for research reasons but so far haven't touched it yet because ... well I need to finish the novel :) Once I drink alcohol I get articular gout in both hands and writing will be out of the question for the next two days. So I will safe that little green bottle for Friday when all of this is finished.

*sigh* Only 1,679 words 'til I reach the 50k mark ... I want to finish it tomorrow, tonight it's far too late (half past 1 in the morning).
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Autumn gales have started late last night and while we have glorious blue skies where tufts of clouds chase each other, the wind is a killer. Even in the sun, it is cold as the wind chills a body well into the bones. Our small little farm house is groaning and creaking in the eaves as the storms hit it with full force.

From late last night 'til now, I have been writing the worst, most difficult scene I have written so far in all my life, typing out words, reading them, deleting them, typing words again, deleting these in turn as well. This scene was difficult to write as I wanted to have some sort of consolation but not with BIG emotions and confessions of love following it. It was either too sappy, the heroine too teary-eyed or the hero just coming off as a crazy stalker who pressures my heroine into liking him. Hopefully I have found a middle ground now where I could resolve some issues but leave them at a strained kind of impasse leading up to the smut scene and the following fall out between the two (hey they are shooting a kdrama after all LOL).

Never in my life have I taken my writing so seriously like this year. I know I'm not an outstanding writer, I have learnt early on in my studies that I will never write the great English novel of the 21st century nor will I ever make any money from my writing, but this time around I have noticed that this is not just a pleasant past time but that I want to create something genuine, something others will enjoy as well. Not because they are friends or share the fandom but because they love drama and romance and enjoy reading a good story. So I try to make this the best I can. Hwaiting!

Don't forget to sign up for the Christmas Card Drabble here I will start to write tomorrow ... so look out for sage green envelopes in your mailboxes soon :)
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40209 words ... still only halfway through with editing the script and so many new additional ideas .. one which has been festering in my brain for a couple of days now is this .. what if Jin-Ho and Min-Young who play the folk tale heroes Yoon-Seo and Tae-Rim are actually their re-incarnations? Then the falling in love bits would come much more easily. On the other hand, it would take a away a lot of their own free will, being fated to be lovers and stuff. *sigh* 9791 words to go yet till Nov. 30th.
Oh and I want a sticker for my car ... Writing romance and proud of it :P *crazy cackle in the background*
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Advancing on 40k ... will I succeed in filling up the rest of 10k words with narrative and descriptions? I bloody hope so.

I have come to realize yet again what an amazing job professional writers do. It is not only the dialogues or the characters but the narrative and the descriptions of the world they are creating. It is always easy writing fan fiction because you have already established characters, a set world where you can pick up the characters and play with them to your heart's desire. No need of explanations of why, how, when. No need to establish a world, its physics, its history.
But if you create a setting from the ground up, fill it with characters, with life, it is so infinitely more difficult. I have a huge respect for that.
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And don't forget to sign up for my Christmas Card Drabble here
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Sooo ... I might make it this year. 37835 words and counting. The story might not be the most original or even the best I have ever written (actually some of my S:AAB and Faith stuff is better than this) but as for an original story I think it is pretty okay. Still working in some narrative parts (descriptions etc.) as well as fitting in the story of the secondary OTP, oh the crazy secondary lead who still lacks motivation why she is as she is (perhaps a super huge case of hybris and selfishness??) LOL
Anyway, it is going good, which is a HUGE accomplishment on my part as usually around this time of NaNoWriMo I'm a nervous wreck and usually throw in the towel.

If you want a Christmas card!!! Sign here

Watching Monsters ... WTF? Shingo-chan is so scary with that weird smile. Yamapi is hamming again ... a far cry from his weird but cute and wonderful Akira. Watchign this jdrama is like Mr Brain on acid only much weirder and scarier (Shin-chan????)
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Sooo, it's the time of the year again and while I definitely don't have time to make cards myself this year, I will be making an effort to write a little drabble in my own hand writing on a nice piece of letter paper to anyone who wants one :)

Please leave your name and address (the comments are screened!)

Oh and you can make a wish what the drabble will be about, fandoms (the usual kdramas/jdramas, pop bands/actors/the other fandoms I have been in), dogs ... you name it :)
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And tonight I will watch TAEGUGKI with His Hubbiness™ :D
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Taking a break from NaNo :)

Set after MARKED and BELONGING :)

The Woodalchi puppies )
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So it is half past 9 on Friday morning and the panic I felt yesterday about a probable failure in this year's NaNoWirMo has slightly decreased. I'm still fretting but at least I have started to counteract the whole silliness going on in my head - paralyzing me - and I have written 22353 words so far. Still over 4000 words short to reach this day's goal but at least I'm getting there.

I'm writing scenes ... little snippets of conversation like in a drama and I will slip them in between bigger scenes where it is appropriate to make the characters more rounded and further the plot. I also want to extend on the sageuk plot that they are filming in the novel. Perhaps even starting each chapter with a scene from the sageuk and then in between developing a scene that furthers the plot of the sageuk while they actually film the scene. I hope I can pull it off though.

I also made a cover/collage (or two) to inspire me LOL I'm still not sure if my Lee Jin-Ho should look like Ji Hyun Woo or Lee Min Ho - I guess in my mind this character has a bit of both :)
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I'm stuck! I'm stuck!! I'm stuck!!!

Basically the story I wanted to write is written, the whole thing needs to be edited and as a whole the story would be finished ... for just one little detail. The whole story is not a novel more of a novella and I only have 19526 words.


I need more drama, more twists and turns ... atm it is more of a romance of boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl falls in love back, they have sex, they quarrel, threat of loosing each other, they live happily ever after *rolls eyes*
Too straight forward.

And yet, it is not ... there is so much more as it is basically two stories being told, the real life story and the story of the drama they are shooting. Ack!!

I think I need more Korean flavour ... more scenery from Seoul, from the palaces, the every day life on the streets etc. Atm it is just a story a kdrama audience would 'get' as a lot of things are not explained and a lot of expressions are used that WE all know but a non kdrama audience doesn't. *sigh*

I need to bounce ideas ... any takers?
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I seem to make it a trademark with Faith fan fics to have one word titles LOL

This little fic takes place directly after Marked - General rating. Choi Young and Eun-Soo return to the palace.

'you have a lot to discuss' - a Goryeo euphemism for making out? )
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Set directly after the ending of episode 24. Slightly M (for mature - not too graphic :P)
Just re-united to immediately be separated again? )
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Smoked too many cigarettes today, cried too many times so I'm exhausted. Written after I have re-watched the last ep RAW. After the live streaming, my mind was too jumbled, too exhausted to form any coherent thoughts, but now I'm calmer, more collected. Something I couldn't forget though was Choi Young's voice over. So I wrote the following.

Beware vignette contains spoilers for the last minutes of EP24 of Faith )
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I wrote this for today's word prompt of NaNoWriMo.

A vignette, Choi Young's thoughts )
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Faith has me so devastated that I cannot write anything about our Imja couple. Yet, there is this need to write, this need to create a world, to tell a love story. A need to find the perfect drama with a happy ending (Queen In-Hyeon's Man comes to mind here: beautiful drama and a love story off-screen as well). So yeah I'm writing, but not anything Faith related, because I can't it's just too painful.

But I'm writing and hopefully one day I can present you with an original story.
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Faith has me so devastated that I cannot write anything about our Imja couple. Yet, there is this need to write, this need to create a world, to tell a love story. A need to find the perfect drama with a happy ending (Queen In-Hyeon's Man comes to mind here: beautiful drama and a love story off-screen as well). So yeah I'm writing, but not anything Faith related, because I can't it's just too painful.

But I'm writing and hopefully one day I can present you with an original story.
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A little silly piece to relieve that UST that we have all been fantasizing about since the end of ep 20.
read on )

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