Nov. 28th, 2012

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Seriously, every time the father of Min-Young turns up, afterwards she drinks herself into a stupor. I'm writing the scene that leads up to the drunk sex smut scene with Jin-Woo and she urges him to drink with her to which he reluctantly agrees.
I even bought a bottle of Soju today for research reasons but so far haven't touched it yet because ... well I need to finish the novel :) Once I drink alcohol I get articular gout in both hands and writing will be out of the question for the next two days. So I will safe that little green bottle for Friday when all of this is finished.

*sigh* Only 1,679 words 'til I reach the 50k mark ... I want to finish it tomorrow, tonight it's far too late (half past 1 in the morning).


Nov. 28th, 2012 09:52 am
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50061 still one scene missing but I reached the word count with two days to spare :)

*makes little booty dance*

The second time since 2005 that I won :)
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It is so good to just sit at the PC and just be ... being curious about new updates on facebook and twitter, being anxious to read new messages on boards, being overall relaxed and watching dramas on-line. No writing, no spell testing ... no nothing :)

No nothing? ... washing up, clothes washing, decorating for Christmas, baking ...
Did I say nothing? Real life is here again :)

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Yozora no mukou ni wa mou asu ga matteiru

ano toki kimi ga ushinatta mono wa
yozora no mukou no hoshi ni natta
nurashita hoho wa itsuka kawaite
kitto habatakeru kara


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