Nov. 15th, 2012

scottishlass: (J-Men Kimura oops!)
I'm stuck! I'm stuck!! I'm stuck!!!

Basically the story I wanted to write is written, the whole thing needs to be edited and as a whole the story would be finished ... for just one little detail. The whole story is not a novel more of a novella and I only have 19526 words.


I need more drama, more twists and turns ... atm it is more of a romance of boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl falls in love back, they have sex, they quarrel, threat of loosing each other, they live happily ever after *rolls eyes*
Too straight forward.

And yet, it is not ... there is so much more as it is basically two stories being told, the real life story and the story of the drama they are shooting. Ack!!

I think I need more Korean flavour ... more scenery from Seoul, from the palaces, the every day life on the streets etc. Atm it is just a story a kdrama audience would 'get' as a lot of things are not explained and a lot of expressions are used that WE all know but a non kdrama audience doesn't. *sigh*

I need to bounce ideas ... any takers?

of the moment

Yozora no mukou ni wa mou asu ga matteiru

ano toki kimi ga ushinatta mono wa
yozora no mukou no hoshi ni natta
nurashita hoho wa itsuka kawaite
kitto habatakeru kara


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