Nov. 11th, 2012

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Yup still rambling on it as I am rewatching and reading up on Choi Young and all. Last night, I had an interesting thought. According to the Wikipedia stub Choi Young's grave only showed the first signs of grass growing on jeokbun (적분), which means red grave, in 1979. Before that his grave was grass free and showed only the red burial earth.

Writer-nim is absolutely brilliant and she knows the legend of CY inside out!!! Why? We assume that Eun-Soo is three to five years older than Choi Young who is 30 at the time he kidnaps Eun-Soo (He was 16 when he joined the Red Crescent Moon gang, stayed there for seven years before becoming the Woodalchi daejang and has been in the various king's services for 7 years as well).

If Eun-Soo was born in 1979 that would make her 33 years in 2012, so Choi Young's spirit came to rest over his unjustly demise in 1979 when Eun-Soo, the love of his life was born.

I so love Song writer-nim.
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I seem to make it a trademark with Faith fan fics to have one word titles LOL

This little fic takes place directly after Marked - General rating. Choi Young and Eun-Soo return to the palace.

'you have a lot to discuss' - a Goryeo euphemism for making out? )

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Yozora no mukou ni wa mou asu ga matteiru

ano toki kimi ga ushinatta mono wa
yozora no mukou no hoshi ni natta
nurashita hoho wa itsuka kawaite
kitto habatakeru kara


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