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정면 공격 Frontal Attack

A few weeks had gone by since Eun-Soo's return and gradually but steadily the glorious late autumn had given way to the first freezing brink of winter. For someone who had lived with central heating all her life and had been lucky enough to catch a relatively mild winter when she had been stuck in the past, Eun-Soo had a hard time to adjust to the freezing temperatures. During the day, that was not so much of a problem as several peat fires had been installed around the Woodalchi barracks as well as elegant little wood stoves in the medicinal ward and the Queen's quarters. However at night, in her bed it was a completely different matter. It was freezing outside and she was cold, so desperately cold.

It was the third night in a row that Choi Young was woken up from the soft shakings of the bed. The first night he had thought a whole army was advancing on the palace resulting in earth tremors but when he had found his Imja shaking like a leaf, her teeth clattering while she tried to keep herself wrapped up in a layer of duvets and blankets, he had simply wrapped her in his arms, trying to keep her warm. The second night, remembering his pledged wife's cold hands and feet, he had immediately taken her arms and hands and stuffed them inside his tunic and had tucked her feet between his legs to keep her warm. Now on the third night, he sighed and inclined his head to watch his sleeping Imja as she lay cocooned and en tangled with his limps, still shivering in her sleep. Carefully as not to wake her, he eased himself out from under her, slowly tucking her into the warm spot he just vacated and after adjusting the blankets over the both of them, wrapped a leg over her and pulled her into his chest so that only her small face was peeking out from over his shoulder while the rest of her was covered by his body. Immediately the shaking stopped and in her sleep her arms wrapped around his back inside the tunic, her hands resting warmly against his spine. Now it was his turn to shiver and planting a soft kiss onto her forehead, he resigned himself to go back to sleep.

The next morning, when Eun-Soo woke she felt hot and stuffy. Opening her eyes she came face to face with soft warm skin. With a smile she nuzzled into the crook of Choi Young's throat, inhaling deeply his unique musky scent and stretched herself beneath the heavy warm blanket that was Choi Young. She could feel his Adam's apple bobbing up and down against her cheek as Choi Young swallowed and not able to resist, she licked that sensitive part of his throat.

"Imja, don't …," Choi Young breathed into her hair and tried to move off her, but her small hands kept him safely in place by resting against his lower spine, pushing slightly. She heard him groan and with a smile, she caressed his flanks with one hand while the other reached down and under the bindings of his trousers, over his round buttocks as far as she could reach.

"Imja!" This time his nickname for her held a warning and Eun-Soo looked up at his face as he hovered over her.

"Yes, Daejang?" she inquired softly, knowing that he could not resist her when she called him by his title.

"I need to …" he breathed and shifted uncomfortably trying to move off and away from her, especially the area of his groin that had taken a life of its own all during her soft touches.

"Oh I hope you need to," Eun-Soo whispered mischievously and stretched beneath increasing the friction between them as she slightly rotated her pelvis against him. "Here." With a groan, Choi Young captured the hand that was fondling his buttocks and pulling it from beneath his trousers and the blankets covering them, he planted it beside her head, trapping the offending limp in his wrist.

"Would you stop it," he growled when her hips undulated beneath him and panting, he rested his forehead against her. "It's almost dawn, the sentry will blow the morning alarm soon."

"So?" she inquired with a smile on her lips. She loved torturing him like that, his arousal for her evident as he pulsed heavily against her.

"We need to get up," he growled and tried to capture her other hand that was slowly working the open tunic off his shoulders steadily, but in doing so he ground himself even closer against Eun-Soo's yielding body.

"So?" she repeated, licking the bobbing Adam's apple again. "What are you going to do, Daejang?"
With a growl, Choi Young's resistance snapped. Capturing her lips, he released her hands and both tried desperately to untangle the bindings of her tunic and trousers that were trapped between their bodies. Propping himself up on one elbow, his other hand yanked open the offending garment and cool winter air hit Eun-Soo's chest, making her nipples immediately pucker.

"Gods," Young breathed, unable to tear his gaze away from the sight and unable to resist, he dipped his head, tasting her skin, swirling his tongue around first one than the second nipple, his warm mouth creating all kind of sensations inside Eun-Soo.

"Yes," she whispered as she tried to work his trousers down to his knees and attacked her own with the same vigour.

"Let me …" Choi Young choked out between kisses. Fingers that were usually deft and nimble fumbled with the simple task of pushing her trousers off as she lay trapped beneath him. When at last skin met skin, they gasped and kissing deeply, Eun-Soo wrapped her legs around his waist, welcoming the weight of him as his erection settled between the vee of her legs.
She was already wet and warm as calloused hands caressed her hips and almost roughly positioned her for him to enter in one swift movement. Eun-Soo gasped, enjoying her pledged husband's first rule of attack, the Cheon Meon Deolpa. Frantically, they kissed, hands caressed and stirred the fires that were already raging inside their bodies as they began to fall into the age old rhythm of love making.

The alarm had been sounded off long before they finally lay exhausted in each other's arms, spent from their frantic love making. Eun-Soo shivered when he pushed himself off her, and noticing it, Choi Young immediately pulled her towards him and tucked her into his arms. Taking one of her hands, he pulled it towards his mouth and placed soft kisses on the inside of her palm.

"The things you make me do," he commented and Eun-Soo watched him with a smile. "Are all Heavenly creatures so relentless in what they want or is it just you, Imja?"

"Just me," she replied and put a soft kiss on the tip of his nose, startling him. "And I learnt from the best …"

"Is that so?" he asked with a frown, a sudden pang in his heart. She noticed the frown and stretching up she placed her lips there.

"Do you remember what you said to me when I asked what you are going to do when we faced the police?" When he shook his head, she whispered in his ear.

"Cheon meon doelpa, frontal attack."


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